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03 August 2007 @ 09:07 am

Read rules before applying.
Fill out the application completely.
Add both stalkerazzi_rp and stalkerazzi_mod when accepted.
Thanks for your time.

<font size="1" style="font-weight: bold;">Character Name:
RP Sample:
Anything else:</font>

xfallenxamyx on August 21st, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
Character Name: Amy Lee
Age: 25
Journal: xfallenxamyx
AIM: xAmysxFallingx
Sexuality: Straight/bi-curious

RP Sample:
No matter the amount of fans that filled the arenas, or the many praises received by loyal fans, Amy always had felt that certain emptiness inside of her. She had achieved great things--fame, fans, and she had gotten the chance to show the world her talent. Why would someone like her feel empty about..anything? Truth was, even she couldn't figure it out. Sometimes she wondered if this career was the right thing for her anymore. She could have finished college and became successful in another field...but she had chosen this one for some reason, right?

The female dwindled on her inner demons while lounging in the backstage area of the Metro, one of Chicago's most visited venues. The show had gone great, and she was all smiles. For now. After she had returned to her apartment, that wasn't too far away from the venue, she would end up sulking on the couch with a sappy movie and ice cream. Oh, and her two cats. Couldn't forget them...they were her children, as of now. She would let herself calm down from that sudden angry emptiness, and would be good as new in the morning. Yes, Amy could be described as having multi personalities.

Anything else: take me out