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03 August 2007 @ 09:53 am
001. You must have a separate LJ to join && AIM name to join.
002. Please try to update the journal at least once a week. If the mods find you unable to handle this, we will confront you about it, mmkay?
003. Please. No OOC drama. We're all here to have fun. Leave the drama for some beauty cult on VF.
004. In the subject for your application put: 'Effing media.' to show you've read the rules
005. MPREG and regular pregnancies must be approved by the mod.
006. If you want/need to leave, let the mod know.
007. Character death is permitted, but must be approved by the mod.
008. Storybook mode roleplaying, please.
009. As soon as you are accepted, add all the other players.
010. Add 'take me out' to the app where it says 'anything else?'

If you have any questions, ask here.